8 Yard Dumpsters

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8 yard dumpster

Commonly used for:

  • Warehouses
  • Large restaurants
  • Companies with up to 525 employees


8 yard dumpsters are the largest waste containers offered for waste disposal services. These containers are built to an average height of 7 feet, length of 6 feet, and a width of 6 feet. Their relatively large volume makes them ideal for businesses that generate over 1 ½ tons of debris on a weekly basis. The maximum weight limit for this container size is between 1800-2000 lbs. Common users include warehouses, large restaurants, medical facilities, and companies with up to 525 employees. As with 6 yard containers, 8 yard containers require extra space to make sure the dumpster can be placed on-site and remain accessible to collection vehicles.


8 yard dumpsters are the largest containers offered by waste management companies. This size is commonly used by warehouses and distribution centers due to its large volume. Distribution centers have sustained and heavy waste streams due to the sheer volume of inventory that passes through their facility. Many distribution centers that are owned or operated by online retailers go through several hundred tons of packaging materials every day which require large and voluminous waste containers such as the 8 yard dumpster.

Large chain restaurants that serve over 800 customers a day generally use 8 yard dumpsters for their disposal purposes. The average restaurant produces 150,000 pounds of garbage every year, which works out to nearly 3,000 pounds of garbage produced every week. For that reason, some restaurants may need more than one 8 yard dumpster to handle their waste stream. Some waste management companies will not offer a pickup schedule with a frequency of more than just once a week, therefore necessitating the use of multiple dumpsters.

Other common users of these dumpsters include companies with up to 525 employees or mixed use office buildings. The extensive volume of the dumpster allows companies to dispose of all waste paper, plastics, and general refuse from their office space, as well as occasional bulky materials such as desks, chairs, and appliances.


The dimensions of the 8 yard dumpster require it to be placed in a relatively open area that is easily accessible to large collection vehicles. Businesses in urban locations typically use loading areas and parking spaces to place their dumpsters on site. Institutions with sufficiently large waste streams may opt for the use of two or more 8 yard dumpsters, in which case additional space will be required in order for the garbage truck to have enough room to empty all bins during the same trip.