DumpsterSizes.com was created by a brain-trust of waste management professionals who decided that the world needed a factual & unbiased resource to help people determine the right dumpster size & service for them. That’s why we’ve gone to painstaking lengths to ensure that every last salient detail about dumpster rentals has been included on this site. If you see anything out of place or have suggestions for other topics for us to cover, feel free to get in touch with us here. We’ll accept any and all opinions; unless it’s about dumpster diving. We’re just not that into it.

The Brains of the Operation:

Doug Barkley: Doug has served as an engineer for many waste management companies throughout the country. His background includes designing and overseeing the operation of landfill gas-to-energy projects, as well as exploring new methods for bringing landfill gas to the energy market. His hobbies include volunteering with animal shelters, spending time with his kids and family, and taking the occasional drive down the California coast.

Adam Ferguson: Adam is a material recovery facility manager overseeing the operations of his local recycling plant. His work revolves around ensuring that all materials that come into the facility are processed efficiently and safely, as well as maintaining the quality of the recyclables that are sold off to clients around the world. His expertise in managing MRFs helps us provide a clearer of how dumpsters are used throughout the industry. His hobbies include watching late night television, staying up too late, and occasionally dreaming about trash.

Anderson Jones: Anderson began his career in the waste management industry as a driver for a regional waste hauler. From there he worked his way up to route manager and, eventually, became the operations manager for the company’s dumpster rental division. Anderson regularly contributes his expertise as a dumpster renter to help build up our knowledge database here at DumpsterSizes.com. He likes to spend the majority of his free time out in the yard with his hammock and a cold brew. If you ever need to contact him on weekends you’d be better off sending a carrier pigeon because you’d better believe his phone stays off until 9 am Monday morning.

Natalie Gogan: Natalie has spent years working in marketing for several waste management companies. Her career has primarily focused on attracting clients for recyclable materials ranging from aluminum to reclaimed lumber. She brings her extensive knowledge of recycling practices to the DumpsterSizes.com table, allowing us to provide extensive information on common recycling programs that include dumpster rentals.

Jason Meyers: Jason is a trash guru who specializes in finding new ways to turn garbage into useful products. His work has included engineering improved ventilation systems used by trash incinerators, as well as working with various companies to convert plastic waste into fuel and other products. He is currently working at a top-secret research facility called the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council located in New York City; at 500 West 120th St., inside the Mudd Building. The doorman’s name is Jerry.