Frequently Asked Questions

Our collective experiences working in the waste management industry, particularly with dumpster services, have given us some insight into the problems people face when trying to pick the right waste container for their needs. We’ve seen many people go to order a dumpster, get upsold to a larger container, and then end up paying more money for filling a dumpster just halfway full. On the flip side, we’ve seen people order a really small dumpster and ended up filling it well beyond the weight limit; practically stacking it through the stratosphere. And you don’t need to be in the business to know that it cost them way more to get that bin emptied than it would have if they had just rented two dumpsters.

So really, we view this site as a public service. We’re providing honest information about what you can realistically do with certain dumpsters, vis a vis which ones are going to get you the biggest bang for the buck on your home remodel, construction project, or anything else you are working on.

How do I navigate

The site is organized around the most commonly used sizes of both temporary and permanent dumpster rental services. Navigate to the Sizes page through the navigation bar at the top for a brief description of common applications for both types of dumpsters. From there, you can click on either our temporary or permanent dumpster sections to get even more information on the most commonly offered dumpster sizes in the industry.

Can I order a dumpster through your site? is primarily a guide for those who are newcomers to the dumpster rental industry. As such, we do not offer dumpster rentals through our site, nor are we affiliated with any particular trash hauling company. 

Why don’t you include information on medical waste or hazmat?

Our main focus is to provide information on dumpsters used for disposing of municipal solid waste, in addition to construction & demolition debris. Medical and other hazardous wastes represent a smaller, albeit important, niche within the waste management industry that does not apply to the average dumpster renter. If you would like to learn more about how these materials are disposed of you can find a lot of information on hazardous waste at the EPA.

Will you be regularly updating

Even though the dumpster rental industry is popping, there aren’t a whole lot of new developments when it comes to dumpster sizes. Sure, you might see a few different ideas pop up like this one on Kickstarter, but as for the containers themselves there isn’t a whole lot of innovation going on. Still, we’ll try to provide general updates on the industry when possible.