So which is it going to be, temporary or permanent? The answer will largely depend on the particular kind of waste removal you need done. If you are looking for disposal services that can accommodate the daily, weekly or monthly disposal needs of your business, then you will want to take a look at a permanent dumpster rental service. These dumpsters are designed for handling a continuous volume of waste sourced from commercial areas such as offices, retailers, and restaurants.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to renovate a home, clean out an office building, or to construct a brand new building downtown, then you will want to employ the services of a roll-off dumpster company. These containers are designed for construction projects, as well as temporary residential uses such as throwing out old furniture or assorted boxes of stuff from the attic.

Common Dumpster Designs

Not all dumpsters are manufactured by the same company; in fact there are hundreds of manufacturers scattered all throughout the country that build just roll-off containers. Granted, most of these manufacturers produce dumpsters in the conventional rectangular design with four corners and a flat bottom. But there are other manufacturers that make dumpsters with a combination of rounded and flat walls, as well as those with curved walls that resemble a bath tub. Though the designs of these dumpsters may differ, they all hold the same amount of debris. In other words, a 10 yard bath tub shaped roll-off is going to hold the same amount as a 10 yard rectangular roll-off.

Permanent dumpsters have similar design tweaks, although most follow the conventional rectangular design with a flat lidded top. However, there are some manufacturers who produce permanent containers with a slanted top, making it easier to load garbage into taller dumpsters. Both designs include slats that allow a garbage truck to lift up the bin and empty its contents into the rear compartment of the truck. Most garbage trucks used for this purpose are built with a front-loading system, but there are other trucks that utilize a rear-loading system.

So how do you go about selecting the right size dumpster for you? For starters, go ahead and take a look at our in-depth articles on each dumpster size you can find on the market today.