When Are Permits Required?

A common question we receive regarding dumpster rentals is “will I need a permit?” In most cities across the United States, a permit is required for the dumpster to be placed on any kind of public property. However, there are a few cities that will require a permit no matter where the dumpster is going to be placed.

Public property can be identified as the street, sidewalk or tree lawn. If any part of the dumpster touches any part of public property, a permit must be obtained. Small dumpsters such as 10 and 20 yarders usually have no issue fitting in a driveway but larger containers like 30 or 40 yarders cannot usually fit in the average residential driveway.

If your driveway is not large enough to fit the dumpster entirely, you can also have the container placed on your lawn. As long as the truck driver has enough space to maneuver their truck on your property, there shouldn’t be an issue with placing the dumpster anywhere on your property. Be sure to give your dumpster rental company detailed instructions on where to place the container on your property. To ensure the dumpster will not block anything you need.

Most permits must be obtained from the city where it is wanted. The government in that city will usually charge a small fee for the permit to be purchased. It is important to check the dates of your permit, so you can be sure your dumpster will be placed legally and will not go over the days for your permit. Some dumpster rental companies can obtain the permit for you, so be sure to ask before you do anything.

The permit will usually need to be purchased and given to the dumpster rental company before they are able to place your waste container. Normally, the dumpster rental company will request that you be present at the time of your delivery if a permit is required for placement because they will need to see the permit. Another common technique is for the customer to fax a copy of their permit to the rental company before the truck driver leaves to place the container.


There are a few cities across the country that will require the customer to purchase a permit no matter where the dumpster will be placed. One city that employs this is Ferguson, MO. Whether you want your dumpster to be placed in your driveway or in the street, a permit must be obtained from the city beforehand. If you reside in or around Ferguson, it is best to call your city government before calling a dumpster rental company.

The cost of the permit varies from city to city but it is usually a one-time cost for a specific time period. Make sure you ask before you obtain the permit, how long the permit is good for. It is important to have the permit for as long as you will have your dumpster. A permit will usually cost around $50 for a two week period, but this number varies in every city across the country.

Before you rent a dumpster for your home or worksite, make sure to ask what the placement policy is for your city. A ticket for having a dumpster without the proper documentation can become costly and you should try to avoid this unnecessary charge at all costs. Our best advice is to place the container on private property and most of the time you won’t have to worry about obtaining a permit. For more information feel free to contact us

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