What Is Best Kept Out Of The Dumpster?

We’re here to offer you help on deciding which dumpster size you need. Although we’re all about dumpsters, that doesn’t mean we believe that the best way to dispose of something is always in a dumpster or garbage can. Here are some things that shouldn’t go in a dumpster, even though they technically can.


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Paper, plastic, aluminum can, glass bottles. All of these items can be reused or recycled and shouldn’t be put in a position to end up in a landfill. Check with your dumpster rental company and see if they take the materials to a sorting station so that the recyclables can be pulled accordingly. Even if your rental company does offer this feature, it’s better to keep the recyclables out of the dumpster in the first place and drop them off directly at a recycling station.

Food Waste

A majority of your food scraps will do great as compost. You can then use the compost for your plants and garden to help the growth of produce. If you don’t have any use for compost, you can give it to family, friends or neighbors, or you could donate it to a local farmer that can use it to help crops thrive. Some cities do not allow food scraps in their dumpsters, so be sure that you know and understand your area’s rules.

Yard Waste

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Much like the food waste, yard debris, such as leaves will often do great in a compost pile. Even if you won’t be using the compost, it will be great for someone else. If you plan to put yard waste in a dumpster, let your dumpster company know. Some locations will not be able to take branches that are thick in diameter, or any tree stumps, or they will just be accepted at an additional charge per item.

Appliances and Electronics

Is the item still functioning? You could possibly donate to a local shelter or Good Will store to help people in need. Some electronics stores will take old electronics for recycling of parts and materials. In some areas, these items are not permitted in the dumpsters. In all locations, landfills cannot accept appliances that contain Freon (such as refrigerators or air conditioners.) These are only acceptable if they have been certified to be evacuated of the Freon.


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As long as the furniture is sturdy and not dangerously falling apart, it could probably find a loving home. Donate it to a Good Will or a similar store. Low income families will appreciate being able to get needed furniture for incredibly low prices. Crafty individuals love to get their hands on pieces that they could “upcycle” with a little TLC. Sometimes, furniture just gets too old and it breaks, and we understand that. But before you throw it out to the curb, think if there is a better place for your furniture than a dumpster.


Depending on your location and the local landfill, some of the above mentioned items may not be permitted at all. Be sure to check with your dumpster rental company, as they will have extensive knowledge of what your landfill can and cannot accept. Then there are, of course, the things that cannot go in a dumpster no matter what. These items include tires, railroad ties, wet paints, and other hazardous chemicals.

(Disclaimer: allowable items will vary depending on region. This list is not meant to serve as permission to dispose of these items in a dumpster. Please check with your rental company for complete information.)

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