Preparing Your Location For Dumpster Delivery!

The successful delivery of your roll off dumpster rental is an essential first step in accomplishing your waste removal project. Getting your location ready for a dumpster rental is important because it will result in expensive fees, if the container is not able to be dropped off. Allow the waste removal professionals at to deliver the vital information to ensure your dumpster will be delivered.

A majority of roll off dumpster rental services are able to provide a delivery day, but are unable to guarantee a specific time of when your dumpster will arrive. This makes it imperative to have you location ready for the ENTIRE delivery day. Some waste removal services will deliver as early as 5 in the morning, so do not attempt to compact your preparation into the delivery day.

Dumpster Delivery

The primary step is to decide the ideal location of where your dumpster will be placed. Your dumpster rental provider should be able to offer any insights, if you are unsure of where to put it. If you are unable to house your dumpster on your private property, the necessary permit must be obtained prior to delivery.

Most dumpster renters choose to position their container in their driveway and never have an issue. However these dumpsters and the trucks delivering them are huge and if your driveway has any cracks or inconsistences, it can easily result in damage. Usually the damage will not be covered and it is your responsibility to determine if your driveway is able to properly hold a dumpster. If you even have to second guess your driveway, it will be in your best interest to find a different spot on your property.

After you decide where to put your roll off dumpster rental, it will then outline how much work is left before you are completely ready for delivery. Not only will your designated dumpster area need to be cleared, but also the pathway to that area. Now it is time to get to work to avoid those expensive “Trip Fees” that are charged to customers when a dumpster cannot be delivered. “Trip Fees” are implementented to cover the cost to get the dumpster to your location.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Delivery

A simple “rule of thumb” is the designated area, the pathway to and the area above must be free of any obstacles that would make it difficult for the dumpster to be delivered. It is always better to air on the side of caution when clearing your location. Remember these dumpster trucks are very large and need a great deal of space to maneuver and properly position your rental at the desired location.

After all of the external factors are taken our of the equation, your location should be ready for a roll off dumpster rental. Many waste removal services do not require customers to be present during delivery or pick up. However if you are worried about a certain object, for example an automobile, potentially obstructing the delivery, it would be in your best interest to stay on-site. Usually the haulers will allow the customer some move additional items out of the way, but in theory they could instantly charge you.

Preparing your location for dumpster delivery can be rather simple and most waste removers who end up getting a “Trip Fee” attempt to cut corners by not providing ample room. Many, if not all of the instructions for delivery can also be applied to ensure a safe pick up of your dumpster. The most important thing is that you receive your dumpster to start your project, so take the extra time to clear your location and instantly avoid the hassles.

 Dumpster Rental Delivery

Every roll off dumpster rental service may have their own specific instructions, you need to read and the re-read the information that they provide to you. Trip Fees are common in the waste removal industry and some services may not take the time to allow you to move any obstructions. They will simply drive by with your dumpster rental and send you the bill. is devoted to our readers and want to deliver the most unbiased information. If you have any additional questions about how to guarantee your location will be ready for a dumpster rental, contact us directly. We are happy to help you save both time and money.  

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