How To Protect Your Property From Dumpster Damage

When you rent a dumpster there are many things you must consider. The two obvious may be the size of the dumpster you will be needing and picking the specific location you want your dumpster to be placed. However, something you may not consider right away is whether or not the dumpster will do some damage to your property. So, is here to give you some tips on how to protect your property from being damaged.


Tip #1 Choose the Best Surface

We recommend that if a concrete surface is available that would be your best option. It can hold the weight and won’t cause any impressions. Asphalt has a better chance of leaving an impression compared to concrete.

However, if you are placing the dumpster on asphalt here are a few things to consider:

Tip #2 Use Plywood

If you place plywood underneath the dumpster it can prevent scratching the pavement. Nobody likes a big crack on their driveway! The plywood will also help even out the weight distribution. We do not suggest placing your roll off in the grass. There is a good chance the dumpster will leave a huge imprint in the grass. However, if that is the only option, plywood will be your best friend.

Tip #3 Pay Attention to the Weight

Depending on the unwanted materials you are throwing away will depend on the weight of your dumpster. For instance, if you are throwing away heavy appliances or a plethora of dirt, your dumpster will be heavy. The heavier the dumpster the more likely it is to damage your driveway. Remember to take precaution before placing heavy items in the roll off.

Tip #4 Make a Clear Path

A smart thing to remember is to make a clear path to and from the roll off. You won’t want to damage any landscape or other vehicles that could be in the way. If you are worried about materials falling out of the dumpster, you can always place a tarp around it. Also remember to make a clear path for the haulers during the pickup and drop off process.


When you are ordering a dumpster and you are unsure if a specific size will damage your driveway, consult the rental company and they will be sure to give you that information. Also note that most dumpster rental companies are not liable for any damage done to your property.

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