Dumpster Or Bag? Find Your Best Waste Removal Solution!

Within the waste removal industry, the argument between dumpsters and bags is heavily debated. DumpsterSizes.com would like to set the record straight by providing you unbiased information, so you can make your own decision. The bag may seem like the easier garbage removal solution, but is it more effective or even affordable? From price to disposal, after reading this blog, you will be able to make the best decision for your waste removal project.

The primary attraction of the bag is obviously the price. These can be picked up for under $30, but that is not the only cost associated with disposing waste with a bag. It will cost around $150 to dispose the bag containing under 3,300 pounds of debris. Removing your unwanted materials for less than $200 seems like a great deal, but if you were under the impression you were only spending $30 (like hundreds of other people), its really not.

Now most waste removal projects have much more debris that 3,300 pounds, but if you are confident in your trash assessment, then the bag could be a good option. However additional fees will follow if you exceed your weight allowance, but that is true with dumpster, just less likely.

Waste removers, who opt for a dumpster, can obtain a 10 yard container for just over $250 dollars. The price covers delivery, pickup, various taxes and disposal. This size roll off dumpster can hold 10 cubic yards of debris and has a 4,000 pound weight limit. To dispose of this equivalent with a bag, would actually take 4 bags costing $640.

The problems with the bag go far beyond the pricing system. Many customers have cited less than satisfactory results when it comes time for the bag to be picked up. It has reported in most cases, it will take several weeks for the company to come collect the bag. Some angered “baggers” have even rented a dumpster to finally get rid of the bag.

Bag in Dumpster

When it comes to dumpster rental, pick up is never an issue. Roll off dumpster rental services utilized dispatch and many similar logistical techniques just like UPS and FedEx. These services also WANT to pick up your dumpster, so they can rent it to someone else. If you are in a time sensitive project, the dumpster is your best option.

Whether you decide to rent a dumpster or buy a bag, they still need to be placed on your driveway or in your yard. Many problems have arisen with bag customers, when they unknowingly fill up the bag in the backyard or even the basement. This obviously cannot picked up without a great deal of fees assessed or a lot of work for the bag customer.

As much as you may not believe it, it is actually easier to pick up a roll off dumpster than a bag. The bag company uses a hydraulic arm that needs 18 feet of clearance. So the bag should be placed very close to a curb, when a dumpster can be retrieved from virtually any location on the property.

Bag Pickup

Another knock on the bag is additional fees associated with the weight limit. When a dumpster is picked up, it is taken directly to the landfill. It is then weighed by a certified Weight Master in a heavily regulated environment. On the other hand, the bag is dumped into a container with debris from other bags and you must trust the company accurately weight your unwanted materials.

The final aspect to considered is your current waste removal services. Most local services offer bulk trash collection on a monthly basis. The waste removal projects that can often be accomplished with a bag, could also be completed using local collection services.

In conclusion, there is not many advantages of using a bag besides from a cosmetic standpoint. But if you have a bunch of bags on your property, does it really look better than a roll off dumpster?

Dumpsters are the most effective waste removal solution that have lasted the test of time. They will continued to be utilized over and over again, whereas bags after one use will head to the landfill. If you have any questions on the bag vs. bin debate, please contact us.

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